Beautifull Cape Town winter

This last week we had the best weather in Cape Town imaginable. Warm windless sunny days. Thursday’s market in St Georges mall were very good and the muffins were fantastic. Gwynneth had some new flavours, one was a Banana muffin with a caramel topping. We also had some wheat free and egg free muffins that were not to bad according to the affectionados.

Why not come visit us this Saturday at Porters market in Tokai, the weather is going to brilliant again.

I might make use of the weather and go for a quick hike in the morning and leave Gwynneth alone for a change 🙂

Enjoy the weather and see you on the mountain!


Some pictures of last week’s muffins at Porters Market:

Some of our muffins at the market

Carrot muffins with Cream cheese and orange zezt topping and ... Orange muffins with chocolate chips and a ganache topping.


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