Hiking muffin promotion

The Naturally Naughty Muffins have their origins in our weekly hiking trips around Cape Town. Recently we made a trip up Table Mountain and we just had to take some muffins along. There is just nothing like having one of these muffins on a hike.

Because our muffins is a great hiking and picnic food, we would like to have a little promotion on our muffins. If you take along our muffins for a hike, picnic, cycling or any such outdoor activity and if you send us your pictures of the muffins, we would like to reward you by supplying four muffins for your next picnic or hike!

  1. Buy muffins at the market
  2. Send us the pictures of muffins showing the outdoors
  3. Subscribe to this blog
  4. Visit the market to get the free muffins for your next adventure!

(The terms of this promotion – We hold the right to change the terms as we see fit or if we see this promotion is bankrupting us. We might put your pictures on the blog. No more than four free muffins per person per week. See our facebook page or this blog for info on the markets and varieties available)

Muffin on the Mountain

Our recent Table Mountain hiking trip.

This Saturday we will be at the Slow Food Market in Willowbridge Shopping Centre.


Beautifull Cape Town winter

This last week we had the best weather in Cape Town imaginable. Warm windless sunny days. Thursday’s market in St Georges mall were very good and the muffins were fantastic. Gwynneth had some new flavours, one was a Banana muffin with a caramel topping. We also had some wheat free and egg free muffins that were not to bad according to the affectionados.

Why not come visit us this Saturday at Porters market in Tokai, the weather is going to brilliant again.

I might make use of the weather and go for a quick hike in the morning and leave Gwynneth alone for a change 🙂

Enjoy the weather and see you on the mountain!


Some pictures of last week’s muffins at Porters Market:

Some of our muffins at the market

Carrot muffins with Cream cheese and orange zezt topping and ... Orange muffins with chocolate chips and a ganache topping.

Market day

Yesterday’s market was a huge success!

The weather was brilliant in Cape Town, one of those exceptional winter days, warm, sunny and no wind.

Below is some photos of the muffins and the market. I asked Gwynneth to show some leg or cleavage for the photos, for the sake of getting readers for the blog, you know. But with a finger shaking at me her response was: “The only thing that I will be showing is my muffins!” So only some boring muffin photos 🙂

Earth Fair Market

Gwynneth and her muffins


The Naturally Naughty stall

The muffins

More Muffins

Muffins evolved

It all started when I saw this muffin pans in the shop and thought how nice a warm muffin will be for breakfast. I have never made muffins except for the instant kind where you buy the muffin mix and just add oil and eggs.  Gwynneth had a lot of baking experience and she dived into the task…

Very quickly Gwynneth’s muffins became a standard for breakfast on Saturday mornings and it was especially nice on our weekend hiking trips. There is nothing like enjoying one of these babies after suffering up a hill. It just made the hiking trips for me.

The first ones were made mainly with oats and flour. We were not satisfied with the nutritional value and experimented with using more healthier ingredients. They evolved into something quite good that should be low GI, containing omega oils, high in fibre, high in protein and all the good things that can be in there. We use free range eggs, rolled oats, rye flakes, crushed rye, nuts, flax seed oil, grape seed oil, rolled barley, honey and stone ground flour. The result of the evolution is a muffin that is just unbeatable in taste, texture and nutritional value.

And then of course there are the naughty part of some of the muffins… Chocolate, cream cheese, Thai green curry & corriander, Butternut, spices and quite a bit more.